Have marketing dollars that need to be spent by the end of the calendar year? Have a project you’ve been meaning to complete? Maybe you have an event that you’ve spent months planning but have no time to spend promoting it.

Now’s the time.

Between now and December 31st, get 10% off your next project with Clear Elevation! We want to see your business reach its full potential. Whether you need to redesign your brand (new logo, new brochures, new swag…you name it!), elevate your web presence through the creation of a new website, have professionals boost your SEO, or need someone to fully strategize and implement your social presence: we are here to help. 

Want to take advantage of this deal? Here’s how:

  1. Contact us today to discuss your needs and formulate a plan.
  2. Give us a couple days to develop a quote for your review.
  3. Once the quote is approved (by December 31, 2016) a 10% discount will be applied.
  4. Your business will be on track for an elevated online presence!

Whether you are new to Clear Elevation, or a seasoned client, we want to come alongside you at the end of this year for all of your digital-creative needs!

View our portfolio for ideas, and make your vision a reality. Email, call or fill out this contact form to get started.