Instagram.  It’s still an enigma for so many people.  Some individuals and business owners avoid it entirely, sticking with a safer Facebook page or a neglected Twitter account instead, but this platform can uniquely garner a fast following (and leads) for your business.  We’re convinced that you can learn to love Instagram, if you give it a chance and follow these tips.

  • Use hashtags properly

Some Instagrammers have gotten in the habit of using hashtags ironically, or typing a postscript thought as a hashtag.  Observe: #amidoingthishashtagthingright doesn’t really get a following.  Use hashtags that are short, appropriate and popular. If you’re taking a photo at an event, make sure you use the designated hashtag that the organization chose – #baftas, #grammy16, etc.

  • Use a real camera

We understand that your iPhone/Android has an amazing camera and you’re obsessed with it.  But use a DSLR to take the great shots, and then upload them to Instagram.  You’ll be able to control aperture and exposure a lot better than with a point and shoot phone camera.  The resulting products are miles apart in quality!

  • Editing software/apps

After you’ve taken the photos you want, avoid the preset Instagram filters at all costs.  They dull the sharp lines of your photos and throw off your color.  If you’re not into Adobe CreativeSuite software, download VSCOCAM.  It’s an easy, free little app that allows you to edit your photos with a range of different controls.  You’ll be seeing hearts on your photos in no time.

  • Themes

Make sure that you are posting images that as a grid reflect color or theme in a way that will be appealing to the eye of your followers. When an Instagram account takes pictures of food consistently and then suddenly switches to dogs or reposting memes, the grid looks like several disjointed images that don’t make sense together as a whole.

  • Limit your selfies

Ah yes, even the most seasoned Kardshian-esque Instagrammers among us should avoid taking selfies on a weekly (or if you’re a chronic selfie-taker, daily) basis.  Keep pics of yourself to a minimum, especially if those pics are devoid of details abut where you are or what makes that selfie moment special.  Besides, as cute as you are, no one wants to scroll through 15 pics of you making a duck face.

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