Breaking Business: DIY Social Media

By April 15, 2016Uncategorized

Breaking Business is a new blog series by Clear Elevation to discuss the pros and cons of Do It Yourself Marketing.  Over the course of the month, we will cover a range of marketing topics from social media to branding, to website design and logo design. Curious if you’re “Breaking Business” with these common DIY Marketing mistakes?  Check out our most recent post here:


As marketers, we’ve heard it a thousand times before.


“We don’t need to pay someone to post to Facebook for us.”

“I can do social media myself.”

“My niece/millennial employee knows all about social media, so he (or she) can post for us.”

As a small business, we completely understand the need to stay within a budget.  And from the outside, it might be hard to see the value in hiring a digital marketing agency to write your social media content and post it on your behalf.  After all, what you see is just a Facebook post on a newsfeed, or a small tweet sent out into the digital stratosphere.

But we see something much bigger:  hours of careful market research spent crafting the perfect strategy.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms aren’t marketing tools – they’re just the new channels that we use to deliver the message; much like the role TV, radio and newspapers played before the rise of the digital age.

The common response for small businesses with small budgets is just to take on marketing work themselves.  “I can post to Facebook 3 times a week on my own,” you think to yourself.  And you’re right.  But are those posts compelling, engaging and, most importantly, effective?  That’s a completely different story.

When you hire an agency like Clear Elevation, you are paying for both strategy and implementation.  We look at your business in entirety: your target markets and demographics, previous marketing efforts, and both quantitative and qualitative data in order to choose the best channels in which to reach your audience. After this extensive research is completed, we define realistic objectives and strategies for your business.  Only then do we implement tactics that will fulfill those goals, including writing content for your Facebook or Twitter page.

Without a social media strategy, businesses that take the DIY Marketing approach often lose sight of their overall goals.  Before you know it, you’ve posted more about the birth of a new grandbaby than you have about products and services on your business Facebook page!

An agency provides so much more value than a few sentences and a picture on your business Facebook page.  We’re your endless source for brainstorming campaign themes, design concepts and delivery of deep marketing industry knowledge.

Don’t break your business.  Call or email Clear Elevation to develop your social media strategy today! 260-673-5002,