CE Training Seminars and Workshops

We get it. The world of communication and marketing is ever-changing, sometimes difficult to understand, and downright frustrating at times. We at Clear Elevation have developed marketing and communication seminars to train your staff on topics important in the workplace.

Each training program can be tailored to meet the time allotment that suits your company best – from 30 minutes to a full-day seminar.

Below are the titles and descriptions of each of the seminars we offer.

  • Communicating at work: effective communication in the workplace

From generational gaps to the differences in communicating between the genders, communicating in the workplace can always stand improvement. This communication training seminar will target the topics of verbal and nonverbal communication, culture (including the aforementioned generation and gender differences), working in teams, and forming and delivering business presentations.

  • The importance and use of inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing anyway? Simple. It is your customer coming to YOU instead of you going out to find him or her. How do you get them to do so? What tools work best in generating traffic to your web and digital presence? This workshop targets the answers to these questions.

  • Email marketing

This marketing training session specifically addresses the how-tos about effective email marketing campaigns. It will address how to formulate the email itself, what software is best to use, and how to track the effectiveness of these campaigns.

  • Social media strategy and implementation

Social media is an animal…a change-by-day, furry, needs-to-be-fed animal. This session will teach your team how to use it well. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter will all be highlighted.

  • The importance of a professional web presence

Your website is your number one social media. Bottom line. If your website isn’t being used to its potential, you are losing customers daily. In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of keeping your web presence modern, up-to-date and useful.

We realize these topics may not cover exactly what you need for your team. If you have suggestions or recommendations about topics, we will tailor a training day just for you.