Digital Security: It Matters for You, Too

It’s hard to know what is real and what is fake on the Internet – or just about anywhere these days. When it comes to finding trustworthy brands, websites, and resources online, most people have grown weary of sites that may seem hacked or junky emails that feel like spam. With a seemingly unlimited amount of resources on the Internet, folks will easily leave your site to find another (without a second thought!) if it feels insecure or spammy.

So, from a marketing perspective… how do you ensure you are building and maintaining trust with your audience? Having a website is crucial and email marketing campaigns have become a standard element of strategy, so make sure you have all of your boxes checked when it comes to protecting data and security.

One of the most crucial pillars of security is to make sure your website is secure. No matter the web platform used, work with your agency or developer to double-check that your site login is unique. In 2017, 96% of login pages and 82% of signup pages were hit with “bad bot” activity. Have them run updates regularly on any security functions or plug-ins, too.

Don’t have any? Clear Elevation can help! With our stellar customer service, managed hosting services, and the fact that we build most sites using WordPress (the most popular CRM out there today!), we will work with you and your business to make sure your day-to-day functions run smooth and secure.

According to this blog from Brand 24, “newer versions of WordPress and security plugins specifically address system fixes and new security threats. WordPress has a wide support community where you can find help on the right configurations and best plugins for your protection.”  Thanks to WordPress’ popularity, there’s a large help network available, and plenty of affordable security options, no matter your company size or budget.

Just make sure your website is hosted by a provider that focuses on customer security – sometimes cheaper is great, but not always the most secure. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Good things to look for in hosting services include system isolation and daily file backups, which ensure you can replace any information that could potentially be lost!

The good news? While you’re here, check out our hosting and website maintenance services. Clear Elevation offers web hosting through Flywheel and also provides a tiered system on website maintenance and security. Both levels offer monthly updates for the WordPress version, theme and plugins, optimize your site for speed, provide regular security checks and allow for affordable help if your site would be compromised or hacked.

The bottom line is this – we want our clients to be happy with the design and functionality of their websites and also to feel safe and up-to-date.

Questions? Give us a call, or shoot us an email. We’re happy to chat about our services, portfolio, and your goals.