My Experience at the 2018 Digital Marketing Summit

Guest-written by Kyle Miron, Business Development Manager

Image features (left to right): Kyle, Derek Laliberte, and Jerod Hevel from Ambassador Enterprises.


As the recently hired Business Development Manager, I represented Clear Elevation at the Ball State University’s Digital Marketing Summit 2018 yesterday in Muncie, Indiana. The entire program was put on by BSU’s CADMA program, their Center for the Advancement of Digital Marketing and Analytics. (Whew.) 

I truly enjoyed my time gaining new insights on how we, as a marketing agency, can create better lead opportunities. Some of the presentation highlights were from Nicole MacLean, Derek Laliberte, and Brandon Coppernoll.

Nicole, a Campaign Manager from Emplify, spoke to the truth that we’re marketing to real human beings. Her “Business to Human Marketing” words of wisdom were a healthy breath of fresh air. We do need to remember that our end goal is to inspire a human being to use our services.

My good friend, Derek Laliberte from Aptera Inc., delivered an absolutely epic talk about the importance of your LinkedIn profile. His presentation on “The LinkedIn Selfie” brought in some relevant pop-culture, eye-opening stats regarding LinkedIn messages vs. cold calling, and the importance of creating content that is authentic and memorable.

Brandon Coppernoll, a website developer at Ball State, opened my eyes to the importance of properly structured Google Analytics reports and introduced me to the Google Tabs Manager.

As an agency, one of our goals is to continue learning. Digital marketing — and how to effectively use it — changes nearly every day. So we need to keep up in order to best serve you!

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