Facebook Dark Posting: Defined

By September 12, 2016Digital Marketing

Ever wonder exactly how Facebook ads show up in your newsfeed?
Are you curious as to why your friend didn’t see the same one?

You have been a target of Dark Posting.

A Dark Post is simply a status update that is created, but not shared. From there, the post is targeted to a very specific audience rather than an entire friends list. This ad will only be seen by certain people, and it will only be revealed in the form of an ad on your newsfeed.

So what’s the point?

Ads are great as long as they are seen by the right person. Not all of your Facebook contacts fall under the same demographics or have the same needs and interests. Creating Dark Posts allows you to get the correct information to the correct people, without bombarding everyone’s newsfeed with meaningless advertisements.

Reminder: Your customers are Unique

By segmenting your advertising, you can better serve your customers by catering to their specific needs. You cannot benefit the whole by grouping everyone together. Take the time to understand the demographics, lifestyles, and needs of your clients before creating a Facebook ad. And then, once you’re ready, create one! Or two … or twelve.

Now, go ahead. Go on over to the Dark side.

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