Four simple ways to thank your clients this holiday season

Send a handwritten thank-you note

If you’re looking for the perfect low-budget option, look no further. The biggest cost for thank-you cards is your time, and the sincerity you put forth will pay off. Each client is different, therefore each thank you should be different. Personalization is key.

Give your clients a special offer – one they actually want

Whether you offer deals year round or once a year, make this one count. Your clients keep you in business, so use this time of thanks as an opportunity to show your appreciation. The amount of the discount is not the make or break, it’s who gets the deal. If anyone off the street can get 5% off of your product or service, offer an exclusive 10% off for your loyal clients and email database.

Show your appreciation with a gift

Are you in a business where you have access to freebies? Whether this includes tickets to local events or company t-shirts, what better time to send a special gift to your valued clients.

Invite everyone to an open house

Here’s a chance to thank your clients in person. Invite your clients to a breakfast or lunch open house at your office. Supply the refreshments and simply take a couple hours out of your day to reconnect with the clients that support you and show them that you care. This is a fun way to catch up and a great way to maintain those personal relationships.

How will you thank your clients this holiday season?