The Importance of Online Marketing for Senior Living Communities

The way you present yourself online matters.

The decision regarding if, where and when to transition to a senior living community can cause significant anxiety. Believe me. I’ve been there.

When an individual, couple or family begins this journey, they are looking for the place they or their loved one can call home. A place that will understand and meet the needs of individuals and families. A place that is trustworthy, caring, reliable.

As is true with many areas of business/industry, many organizations can have the exact same things said about themselves as the other. For instance, colleges. Many can tout strong academics, an active student body, successful athletic programs, and the like. But, what are those nuances that distinguish them from their competition?

Likewise with marketing for senior living communities. Nearly every senior living community is doing its best to care for its residents. How do you – the leaders inside those senior living communities – distinguish yourselves from the plethora of choices that are out there?

One way is through effective digital marketing and overall content marketing. Having a modern, responsive, interactive and user-friendly website allows potential residents and family members to research your community without ever talking to anyone or stepping foot on your campus. Ideally, a website visitor will stick around to learn more about what makes your community special.

To complement such a fantastic website – what are you handing out to prospective residents and families? Does it communicate what you want it to communicate? Does it match your branding and your desired messaging?

It is critically important to be using content marketing. Hubspot states that content marketing generates three times as many leads as does paid outbound marketing – and it costs more than 60% less! (Here are some awesome statistics from the folks at Hubspot).

How does one tackle content marketing? First, think of items of interest for those considering senior living communities. Go ahead – brainstorm! It will not hurt – at least we don’t think it will.

Once the list is generated, consider the topics your team can excel in – ask one of your resident doctors to assist in writing a blog/news post about general self-care for seniors, collaborate with a local organization to promote an event for seniors, recognize your employees for their accomplishments, etc. All of these pieces of content establish credibility and expertise – exactly what will help ease the anxiety for your prospects. Once this content is created, it can be used on your website, social media channels, and other publications.

Sometimes, you simply do not have time to work on these marketing materials or generating content. That’s where our team can help. We’ve been blessed with several years of experience working on digital marketing, graphic design, website design, and content writing for senior living communities. We help to bring a cohesive voice and marketing effort in order to make you more effective and more efficient. Contact us if you’d like to have coffee or just a phone call to talk through how we can partner with you.