Marketing in motion: When marketing efforts come to fruition

Sometimes it’s just nice to see your work in play.

Last Saturday, the quaint town of Roanoke, IN welcomed its fourth annual Rolling Into Roanoke Car Show – quickly becoming one of the top car shows in the nation.

The creative team at Clear Elevation manages the graphic design, social media and general marketing efforts for Rolling Into Roanoke. Saturday was a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do.

Car enthusiasts came out despite the rain first thing in the morning. Some folks were dressed in character in honor of this year’s American Graffiti-themed show. Others strolled the streets of Roanoke drooling over vehicles like a 2016 Lamborghini, various years of Ford Mustangs, a street full of GM cars and trucks, Porches, Prowlers and more.

Our graphic designers, project managers, and social media marketers began the process of promoting this year’s event before the 2016 car show even happened¬†last July. Promotional flyers, signage at the Fort Wayne International Airport, advertisements in Business People and Fort Wayne Living Magazines, blog writing for the website, strategizing and implementing Facebook and Instagram social media channels, coordinating billboards and banners, writing news releases, and even viewing the nostalgic movie American Graffiti so we could connect with our audience (yep, we’re that dedicated) – just a few of the things our agency enjoyed doing for Rick Fischer and the Roanoke Beautification Foundation.

Congratulations on a successful show. And, for us, it was awesome seeing all of the marketing in motion.