Marketing Lessons Learned in 2017

Take a look at the top three trends we observed in 2017.

It’s a brand new year. In reflection upon the one now in the history books, let’s take a look at some of the top marketing lessons learned.

First, while email is still a very effective marketing tool, it is ok to break our constant addiction to it. Many of us are in our mid-30s to mid-40s, and email is still our preferred method of communication. However…is that true for everyone? The answer is no. Many folks choose something like Facebook Messenger as their preferred electronic message delivery system. We plan to try more of this in 2018.

Second, and not a shocker, is that SEO is an ever-changing beast. The folks at Hubspot say the future of SEO lies in topic clusters. In the article, it states: “Google has been moving toward rewarding creators who create topic clusters for some time. This means that instead of Google looking at every individual post as its own SEO opportunity, it now looks at the scope of content being created by a given URL and sends more traffic to people who appear to be experts on a given topic.”

For years, we’ve told our clients – make yourselves stand out as experts in your field. This article from Hubspot reiterates the importance of quality content about the topics in your area of expertise most important to your customer base.

And, finally, video. We can’t say enough about the importance video marketing will have in 2018. Your websites and social media channels are the best channels in which to place the video. Keep them short – less than two minutes, preferably. Research what your customer base needs to know, and address those needs via video.

If you need some help getting started, or if you’re already on top of things and just need an objective and comprehensive¬†strategy, contact one of our experts today!