New Site Launched for Family-Owned Wilson Burial Vault

Wilson Burial Vault is a family owned and operated business located in Huntington, Indiana. Since 1984, Wilson Burial Vault has filled a uniquely necessary niche – manufacturing vaults, urns, and (since 2000) offering cremation services. They currently serve over 25 funeral homes and cemeteries, and manufacture a full line of burial vaults.

Dealing with death on a daily basis seems grim, but for the folks at Wilson Burial Vault, they take pride in their company’s legacy of providing quality products and service during difficult times. In 2016, Wilson Burial Vault grew and expanded their services. So, in 2017 they moved to update their brand image. While they renovated their manufacturing facility and updated their office building, we assisted the team with creating a new website. We also did photo shoots to capture vivid imagery for the website and Wilson’s other marketing materials.

Now professional and modern, but still conveying the warmth and compassion of the Wilson and Bauer families, the new site provides images, details, and purchasing information for the urns and vaults. Cremation services and contacts for partnering funeral homes are also available. With a new private login portal, authorized dealers and funeral home directors are able to purchase products directly. They can also view and download other materials to provide directly to families. View the full Wilson Burial Vault site here.