New Site Launches for Wabash SWCD

Ever have those moments when something just falls into your lap? It happened with our team at Clear Elevation in May of 2014 when one of our team members was asked to present at a regional Soil and Water Conservation District training event. 

After a 20-minute presentation on the importance of and best practices for social media usage, the group present at the SWCD training was thirsty for more information and help with using their websites and other social media channels.

Kosciusko County, Indiana, was the first county to trust Clear Elevation with its website redesign. Launched in July of 2015, the Kosciusko SWCD website is still performing very well. Andrea Baker, Conservation Program Technician from Kosciusko SWCD said:

“Our website was in desperate need of an update. No one in our office had any real experience working on website design. Thank goodness our board took the leap of faith to allow Clear Elevation, LLC to do the work! It was so easy to make the transfer from the old, outdated website to the new modern one. Our website is so user friendly when it comes to keeping it up-to-date as well.”

Fast forward to today. Our team has now completed six Indiana county Soil and Water Conservation District sites. The most recent launch was for the team at Wabash County SWCD.

When we first met with the director of the Wabash office, she was frustrated with the lack of ease of updating the old website. She found it to be cumbersome, and she said the customer service from the former company was slow and, at times, unfriendly and unhelpful.

Due to positive recommendations from other SWCD staff who had worked with us at CE, the director from Wabash County approached us for their new website. Mobile-friendly, easy-to-update, modern, and user-friendly.

Contact our team today. We’d be happy to offer a free analysis of your current website and social media efforts.