Not all social channels are created equal

By October 26, 2016Social Media

Raise your hand if you love social media! We do!
Now…raise your hand if you love it, but you’re not sure where to begin or how to use it effectively. Sigh. Ok.
Now, put your hands down and read on!

Utilizing social media is great. Spreading your company thin by utilizing every form of social media is a recipe for disaster. Each social channel represents a different demographic. The key is knowing and understand your audiences and determining how to best reach them.

We’ll start with an example.

Let’s say that you sell hair covers that keep your head dry in the rain. Can you think of anyone you know who would be interested? If you said ‘Grandma,’ we’re on the same track.

Would posting Instagram photos of your stylin’ hair covers reach your grandma and her friends? Unlikely. Would a consistent stream of Snapchat stories reach them? Absolutely not.

When targeting a 55 and over audience, scale back on the social channels.
In this case, stick with very specifically targeted Facebook ads, and utilize your email marketing. (They want those coupons and easy links to your website!).

While this is a silly example, running through scenarios in your mind will help you come to terms with which channels are best for certain groups of people.

Before creating your profile in an all new social channel, consider this:

If you have a large following on a social channel such as Facebook or Instagram, stay up-to-date with the new features and offerings within the platform. Instead of rushing to create a Snapchat profile where you will need to build an all new following, try utilizing the equivalents to Snapchat within your channels, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. These features allow you to continue reaching your audience in new ways while using platforms that have proved themselves effective for your business.

And, if you’re new to social media altogether, we’re here for you. From analyzing your current online presence, to strategizing the best online approach, to content writing and execution – we handle the whole process. So, let’s get together and discuss your needs. Contact Clear Elevation today.