Post-holiday tips to keep the sales rolling

The rush of sales and traffic is high during the holiday season, but don’t be fooled. This rush won’t last all year. Make sure you keep interest going even after the holidays with these three tips.

New year, new start

Emotion surrounds the beginning of a new year. New Year’s resolutions are prominent in our society, as the new year offers a fresh start. While this is not a chance to be deceitful, it is a chance to tell the story of your product or service. Do you offer something that will make their New Year’s Resolution a reality? Show them how!

Still haven’t finished that kitchen remodel? We’ve got the tools!
Looking to shed the extra 10 pounds? We’ve got the equipment!
Need a new look for the new year? Visit our salon!

Plan a sale

No matter how many sales we’ve endured over the holiday season, we’re always on the look out for another. While most retailers go back to full price after Christmas, maybe you offer free shipping, buy one get one free, or a winter special.

Email Marketing

After collecting all of those holiday email subscriptions, now is the perfect time to reconnect and get back in front of your customers. Whether you inform your email list about new deals, or the perfect items to purchase with those gift cards – let them know you’re there!

The key is to pick one strategy and spend some time working to implement it. Don’t wait until you’ve returned from Christmas break to put this plan into place. Plan ahead and keep those sales going after the holidays!

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