Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customer

By January 12, 2015Uncategorized

We talk a lot about customer service here at Clear Elevation. Successful marketing includes careful strategy. It also includes both traditional and digital marketing tactics – radio, television, print media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all things social, a “sticky” website, well-written content, and, oh…so much more! And, if you’re located in the Fort Wayne, Roanoke, Huntington, or surrounding area right now – it just might need to include an advertisement on the side of a snow plow!

However. If we don’t pay attention to and serve our customers well, it’s all in vain. Organizations drop thousands (and some millions) of dollars on promoting their brand, their products, and their services. It’s true – marketing and promotion is necessary. And, so is caring for your customer.

This article focuses largely on the entrepreneur or the small business owner, but I would argue it’s a beneficial read for businesses of any size.

Pay attention to what your customer is saying. Try to meet their needs – or, if you can’t – suggest someone or something else that can.