Should my business be on Instagram?

By August 16, 2016Instagram, Social Media

Four reasons to answer YES!

It’s no secret that Millennials love Instagram – but is there more to the app than a social outlet?

Instagram – owned by Facebook – has quickly become an influential marketing platform that revolves around the building of relationships and is built upon visual expressions. Let’s explore four reasons why your business should utilize Instagram.

1. Cater to Visually-Driven Consumers

Instagram provides a platform to tell your brand’s story visually. A recent statistic revealed that when people hear information, they are likely to only remember 10% of that info three days later. However, when the same information is paired with a relevant photo, people retained 65% of the info three days later.

Whether it’s the ambiance of your restaurant, lifestyle photos featuring your home decor products, or action shots of your service – photos can tell your story in ways that words cannot.

2. Increase your Access to Brand Followers

Studies have shown that over 50% of Instagram users follow brands, which makes them the social networkers most likely to do so. With options to access your website directly through a link in your Instagram profile – brand followers on Instagram are more likely to explore your website and therefore result in inquiries and sales.

3. Utilize Easy On-the-go Sharing

Instagram is designed to be used on a mobile device, making sharing quick and easy no matter your location. Planned posts are great – but spontaneous posts are relatable. Tag your location, tag your event, and connect with others who are also sharing in this experience …Easy!

4. No Filtered Feed!

Facebook sorts your posts for distribution among those who may be interested – Instagram does not. This allows every follower to see every post in chronological order. The key is to post regularly to catch your followers and keep them wanting more!

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