Do I still need a website?

We could not have said it better ourselves, so we are taking a moment today to share this article from

The article highlights the reasons why having a website is still critically important to your online success. First, your website remains the foundation of your business – it is where you are legitimized. You have full control and full ownership of all content on the website itself. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. own their platforms – not you.

As for social media channels, you know that we at Clear Elevation love a good social media strategy. We will also always say, “Your website is still your number one social media.” In order to effectively use any social media tool, you must have a website to refer your customer/follower back. The ultimate goal is to get that person to stick around on your website and learn more about what you have to offer.

The article makes wonderful arguments for utilizing your website and social media channels in partnership. This is our strategy and recommendation for each of our clients.

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