TeacherEntrepreneur.com, Craig Sloan and Clear Elevation

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We have been fortunate to work with many Huntington University alumni over the past two years. One of our favorites is Craig Sloan of www.teacherentrepreneur.com. Craig shared his story with us regarding his history with Huntington University, his career as an educator, his Christian testimony and his reasoning behind using Clear Elevation for his digital creative needs.

This is Craig’s story.

Craig Sloan was nearly six hours from home as he stepped foot on the Huntington University campus in the fall of 1994. He had grown up in Saint Thomas, ON, Canada and was recruited by the HU Forester baseball team.

“We knew pretty quickly that Craig could play in our program,” said Mike Frame, head baseball coach. “He is truly an outstanding young man. He was always on top of things, whether it was in his personal life, in the classroom, and certainly, on the baseball field.”

In addition to starting as first baseman for the Foresters, Sloan also served as a Resident Assistant in Wright Hall for two of his college years. He also worked as part of the student staff in the Admissions Office. Sloan said his years at Huntington were invaluable.

“The four years I spent at Huntington were an extremely tumultuous time in my life. I lost some family members, one of my best friends passed away unexpectedly, my parents separated, and I had a brother dealing with significant life issues…it was a hard time in my life. But, I was in exactly the right place,” said Sloan. “Huntington University was such a blessing to me. The people I met there – both students and faculty – were just amazing. I had some great experiences at HU and feel like I really started to realize my potential during that time.”

After graduating from HU in 1999 with a physical education, health and psychology degree, Sloan took his first job as the director of the Huntington alternative school called the Transition Center. From there, he taught at Huntington North High School, served as an assistant principal for Smith-Green Community Schools, served as an assistant principal for six years in the Fort Wayne Community School system, and was principal of the Alternative Learning Center for East Noble Schools.

In addition to his career in education, Craig has been involved in a number of business ventures since graduating from HU. He has been a realtor, owned an auction company, been a property manager, and founded a real estate investment company that currently owns and manages 75 residential units.

In the fall of 2013 he had the idea for TeacherEntrepreneur.com, a website dedicated to serving educators by supporting and promoting teacher-owned businesses.

“I am always looking at different business opportunities,” said Sloan. “I know education, I know business. I also know a lot of teachers that own businesses. Teacher Entrepreneur is a resource and connection point for teachers and teacher-owned businesses.”

The website feature Sloan is most excited about is the Directory of Teacher Owned Businesses. His vision is to create a national Directory of Teacher Owned Businesses and to make that directory available to teachers via his website. Teachers could then use the directory to support the businesses of fellow educators.

Craig and his wife of 13 years, Lindsay, decided it was time to move forward with making the dream of TeacherEntrepreneur.com come true. Craig contacted Clear Elevation, LLC, the first Huntington University Venture business about helping him design and develop the website.

“I was looking for web designers, and I called Reusser Design,” Sloan said. “Nate (Reusser) told me about Clear Elevation. I was excited about the opportunity to work with them.”

HU Ventures, Inc. is a for-profit subsidiary of Huntington University, Huntington, IN. Under this umbrella, for-profit operating companies may be owned and operated. Clear Elevation is a full-service digital creative agency located in Roanoke, IN. It is managed by Nate and Julie Reusser of Reusser Design.

Organizations and businesses have an opportunity to give back to the university by choosing Clear Elevation for digital creative services.

“I would absolutely encourage anyone to work with Clear Elevation,” said Sloan. “They have been so helpful – provided great support and a very professional-looking website. Others have been very complimentary of my website.”

The URL for Sloan’s site is www.TeacherEntrepreneur.com. Sloan said the goal of this site is to provide support to teachers who want to start or develop a business and to promote teacher-owned businesses.

“Some teachers may need to start a business to stay in teaching.” Sloan said. “The world needs great educators now more than ever, but sadly, salaries sometimes force teachers out of the profession. Some educators may need to start a business to help fund retirement or to help put kids through college. My vision is to connect teachers with teacher-owned businesses, and to support, promote and encourage those businesses.”

To learn more, visit www.TeacherEntrepreneur.com.