The Community Health Clinic website launched!

Community Health Clinic

We recently launched a brand new website for The Community Health Clinic, a 501(c)(3) non-profit healthcare facility based in Topeka, IN. The CHC was originally founded to provide specialized genetics care consistent with Amish and Mennonite (Plain) values. Now, they provide comprehensive clinical genetic services to Amish and Mennonite patients, as well as all individuals. 

In conjunction with, but operating separately is The Community Dental Clinic (CDC). Also located in Topeka, the CDC provides dental care and specialized care needed to treat those in the Amish community with hemophilia, or other bleeding disorders. The CDC also has designated pages and information within the redesigned website.  

The new CHC website is beautiful and modern, while maintaining the organization and functionality they needed. The new site provides in-depth descriptions of services and genetic research. Patient forms, testimonies, and staff information are all reachable from the concise menu navigation. Volunteer information, sponsorship information for charitable events, and donations to the CHC are possible without leaving the website!

Take a peek at the launched Community Health Clinic site here!