The Love Questions You Need to Ask

By February 5, 2015General

This is not a post about romantic love. Be warned!

I often blog about how important it is that we love our customers. And, customer service is indeed critical to the success of any business or organization. However, this blog post is about why you should take special care of your OWN marketing efforts in order to have a thriving 2015.

February is “Love Month.” Let’s look at a few questions you should ask yourself regarding the love needing to be shown in your own business:

  • What keeps you and your CEO/President up at night?
  • Where will you be a year from now if these issues are not addressed now?
  • Might things improve if you began utilizing your website to its fullest potential?
  • Should you consider getting help in strategizing and implementing your involvement in social media?
  • Is it time for a full marketing audit along with a new plan?
  • Is your internal communication in need of a revamp?

On an immediate-action level, when was the last time you simply ASKED for email subscribers? Also, are you making sure that every social media post has a visual element? Does something immediately need to be fixed on your website? Simply keeping your content current goes a long way.

Finally, get outside your comfort zone. Perhaps it means finally implementing the new product line or service you’ve been pondering. Maybe you simply take a risk when it comes to new marketing efforts. Or…hold on to your hats! Offer to take someone from your competition out to lunch. You just might learn something!