Why professional photography on your website matters

By January 26, 2016Uncategorized

In a digital age when the average attention span is now a shrinking eight seconds, it’s more important than ever to get to the point in your content before your website visitors click elsewhere.  But engaging, concise copy is not enough to keep them on your website.  One quick scroll down a page full of text blocks and tiny, pixelated photos of your business will also drive your potential customers away en masse.

So how do you keep them entertained?  Photography is a big part of the answer.  Clear Elevation’s team has the scoop on why the right shots make all the difference:

Authenticity and Originality 

It’s not hard to spot a stock photo on your website.  An obviously-posed family eating on a picnic blanket, and everyone happened to smile and look at the camera at the same time?

picnic family

See? Easy.

When a potential customer sees a stock photo on your site, it encourages feelings of distrust for your name and your product – after all, these smiling people aren’t actually your employees:


You also run the risk of repeating images that have already been used for a multitude of other marketing campaigns, the way Dell, H&R Block, Samsung, Microsoft, AAA Auto Insurance and several other companies experienced when they all used the same stock images of Everywhere Girl.  Hiring a professional photographer to shoot images of your location, products and employees heightens a sense of authenticity…not to mention the chance to show them something they’ve never seen before.   Check out a recent employee photo we took for SITES Medical in Columbia City:

Untitled design-4

Brand Recognition 

Product photography is a great way to build brand recognition for your business, too.  Two EE’s Winery was a photography client of ours.  Check out what a difference it makes to have personalized photography with this professional photography vs. stock photography comparison:



The Two EE’s Winery photo is a much better image. In that photo, you can see the name of the wine, the label, the winery’s logo, the tasting bar, and a glimpse at wine racks along the walls.  The better your photography is, and the more specific you can get with your shots, the better brand recognition will be with your customers.

Storytelling with photography 

Your website should be exciting and pleasing to the eye.  An attractive color-palette and gorgeous, high-resolution images are top-notch in the web design world (not to mention the reason why Instagram has become such a popular app).  The same is true of your photography. Interesting angles, color and location choices all tell the story of your organization.  Instead of writing three paragraphs of text to explain an event or cause, use three sentences or less and great photography to show your audience.  Only professional photos taken of your own work or products will convey your story.

Ready to leave the world of stock photography and get some shots unique to the work you do?  Clear Elevation provides professional photography services – contact us today for a free quote.