Why SEO matters to your business

By March 30, 2016Uncategorized

Have you ever Googled your own business name only to find it on the third or fourth search results page?  How frustrating, right? The reason it is not on the first couple of pages is due to a lack in your SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

The likelihood of a potential customer finding your business website drops significantly when you aren’t on the first page of Google search results.  This Inc.com article shouts the value of successful SEO: nine out of ten (91%) clicks from Google Search are to results on the first page.

For the rest of you who just Googled your company and are now beginning to panic, don’t.  There are lots of ways to build successful SEO campaigns based on keywords.  Keywords, like breadcrumbs, will bring hot leads to your website from any search platform.

A great recent Hubspot article highlighted a number of free or low-cost tools you can use to identify the keywords that will work for your business, including Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Keyword Tool.io, Term Explorer, Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Accuranker.

Apart from running AdWords campaigns, another great way to work those keywords into your website is through blogging.  Create original content relevant to your industry and use specific search terms.  For instance, if you are a hair salon you might think some good common keywords would be “haircut,” “highlights,” and “blow out.”  So does every other hair salon.  Try more specific, long-tail keywords that your potential clients will be searching for, like “Balayage highlights Fort Wayne” or “bridal updos Indiana.”  It will help cut through the search results clutter and help your customers identify your business as the one they’re looking for.

At Clear Elevation we pride ourselves on our blogging expertise and SEO knowledge for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana businesses.  Need some help getting started on how to run an AdWords campaign?  Want someone to write great, original blogs for your company?  Email us: hello@clearelevation.com or call 260-673-5002.