You Need a New Website … and Here’s Why:

By August 29, 2016Design, General

You’re not mobile friendly

With 37% of all website visits coming from mobile devices, a mobile friendly web presence is crucial. Having a functional mobile site allows for increased website visits, as well as a boosted presence in Google searches.

Bottom line: if your website is not mobile, it will take a backseat to those that are.

Your website is over three years old

Technology advances every day – from functionality to visual appeal. While technology is advancing, your personal skills and preferences are advancing as well. The design you loved three years ago may seem outdated – to both you, and your prospects.

A well-designed, up-to-date, creative website can set you apart from your competitors!

You’ve rebranded, but not fully

Whether you’ve changed your logo, color scheme, or marketing materials – these changes need to be reflected on your website!

Inconsistency across social platforms can create confusion in all aspects regarding your brand. Focus on consistency within your branding including brand messaging, coloring, and design.

You’re not blogging

Blogging is a simple way to boost your Google ranking. Blog content that includes keywords for your industry helps to put your website higher on the list when it comes to online searches. This blog content links directly to your website – new clicks mean new connections!

If you can relate to even one of these points, it is time to seriously consider a revamping of your online presence. We can help you!

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