Why your business is missing the Millennial boat

Millennials.  The term makes most Gen X and Baby Boomers shudder just a little, as it evokes images of ramen-noodle eating, phone-obsessed young people who spend their days binge-watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  But the day when millennials become the majority in nearly everything is almost here.

80-million strong and worth $200 billion in buying power, we’ve been preparing for the “Millennial Takeover” for years. “Millennial” was one of the most searched terms on Google in 2015 and is the subject of hundreds of books, studies, seminars and workshops — finding out what makes the millennial tick has been an ongoing process since the early 00’s.  Forbes.com has even declared 2016 the “Year of the Millennial Customer.” Roughly between the ages of 20 and 36, the American millennial is rapidly shaking off its generational clichés and becoming the lead influencer in a consumer-driven economy.

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Are you marketing to the millennials of Huntington County?  In 2015, a group from the Huntington County Leadership Academy conducted a survey to gain insight from 200 millennials that live and work in the area.  85% of participants said they value or strongly value community-based events such as parades, festivals, and farmer’s markets. 77% of participants agree or strongly agree that downtown entertainment like shopping, restaurants, and theater is important to them, and 80% of participants would prefer local businesses to stay open later on weeknights and weekends.

Want to learn how to “crack the code” of millennial marketing for YOUR business?  Here are 5 tips to improve your customer experience for your young clients:

  1. Make sure your technology works

Arguably the most important tip on this list, reaching millennial consumers means that your digital presence needs to be relevant and up-to-date.  Is your website design less than three years old?  Are you updating content on a regular (see: weekly) basis? Does it take more than 3 clicks for your customer to get to the information they need? Is your site mobile responsive (not mobile friendly or mobile optimized)? Millennials have grown up with smart phone, and will be accessing your site from their phone

  1. Don’t rely on the “fast” of the past

Our idea of “fast” has gone out the window in the last 10 years.  Today, if your business website doesn’t load in 2.8 seconds, millennials will go somewhere else. No business is safe from this trend, either.  According to a recent study conducted by Placeable, most millennials research a new restaurant online before visiting.  68% of millennials will go elsewhere when that restaurant’s website lacks pertinent information.  Your content needs to be succinct, engaging and relevant in order to keep their attention.

  1. Highlight your values

One only needs to point to organizations like Tom’s Shoes to show the power of a value-based company.  Charity work, community involvement and authentic values are a key part of the millennial experience.  They want to feel like their purchases make a greater contribution than the basic business to consumer exchange.  Highlight your dedication to community building, or a charity that your company favors – it will go a long way in reminding millennials of what their purchase supports when they pick you.

  1. Email marketing

According to a recent Adobe study, millennials check email more than any other age group, and almost half of them check it while using the bathroom.  The study also discovered that nearly 98% of millennials check their personal email at least every few hours at work, and 87% of millennials check their work email outside of work.

  1. Be Social

Millennials love engaging with your business on social media. Do you have a place for them to leave comments or reviews about your company?  When they tag you in a tweet, do you “favorite” it, or “retweet it”?  That sort of engagement builds brand loyalty with millennials, as well as an authentic voice for your business.

No matter which tips you choose to adopt in 2016, remember that it’s quickly becoming a millennial world – if we don’t change with it, we will be left behind.


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