CrownPointe Communities has six locations across Indiana, one in Michigan and two in Florida. Clear Elevation joined forces with Mr. Larry New and his team in 2016, and the results have been top-notch.

The Work

Website Design

When CrownPointe (CPC) partnered with Clear Elevation, its website was several years old. The goal for the new website was to update to a modern look and ultimately improve functionality for the end user.

Since choosing a retirement facility is one of the hardest of life’s decisions, we wanted to make sure navigating this website was simple.

From vivid photography to drone footage to careful content strategy, this website accomplishes the objectives set out.

See the full site here.

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Graphic Design

Much like its website, CrownPointe was in need of an overhaul on the brochures given to potential residents and families. With the collection of new imagery our team had, we were able to brighten up the overall look and feel of the printed pieces.

While Clear Elevation does not have a printing press, we will obtain quotes from up to three different printers for our clients to allow them to make an informed decision regarding print services.

Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy

The truth is, you can have a beautiful website and no one know it exists. That’s where a solid content marketing and social media strategy come into play.

Since CrownPointe Communities has nine locations, it made sense to house them all in one website and one corporate Facebook page. Clear Elevation has generated content for blogs, explored target markets in all of the locations/campuses, and then targeted crafted messages digitally – via Facebook (both organically and paid promotions), Google AdWords, and on the CPC website itself.

Each month, we strategize with the CrownPointe team to make sure we are prioritizing marketing efforts correctly and efficiently. The client also receives a report at the end of each month detailing activity and insights for the month.

View the blog here and the Facebook page here.

The Result

Below is an example of some of the results we were able to achieve.

Website Users

We were able to increase web traffic by 22.4% over the previous year.

Google AdWords ROI

AdWords campaign generated 404 clicks on 14890 impressions. The click-through rate (CTR) of 2.71%. Our campaign CTR was 51% higher than the national average for healthcare pay-per-click (PPC) ads.


Organic Growth

The number of users finding the website organically through a keyword search increased by 19%.


Larry New

Owner, President and Operator of CrownPointe Communities

In the fall of 2016, I wanted to update the look and feel of our website. We have a total of twelve senior living campuses in Indiana, Michigan, and Florida. Each campus is unique and offers different types of senior housing including; assisted living, condominiums, patio homes, villas and affordable housing. I also have a construction company that I needed to add to the website. With all of the campuses and services we offer, I was eager to work with someone who was willing to incorporate my vision for all of these things into one website.

I found Clear Elevation through my connections with Huntington University, where I graduated and serve on the Board of Trustees. I met with Amy Johns and was impressed with her quick understanding of what I wanted and her ability to put together a working website that included all of the tedious details I desired. Amy and her team were able to utilize drone footage which captured the essence of each campus and put it into a layout that makes the website user friendly and all encompassing.

Amy is very energetic and her team has done a tremendous job on our website. Clear Elevation continues to work with our directors and key administrative team on other marketing tools such as managing our Facebook page and providing us with printed marketing materials. We plan to continue our relationship with Clear Elevation for the continued census building in our facilities as well as staff development. Clear Elevation staff is willing to listen to the wants and needs of their clients and from my experience, they have done their very best to meet and exceed every expectation.